Center For Restorative Justice Works

Who We Are

The Center for Restorative Justice Works (CRJW) was founded in October 2002 to innovate a broad, grass-roots, response to those impacted by crime and the criminal justice system.

We advocate, educate and demonstrate the critical need to mend, re-weave and re-connect the primary relationship between child-parent, families-loved ones, and the community in and out of prison.

We believe these relationships are being torn apart by crime and the criminal justice system and this contributes to an unsuccessful rehabilitation and has an effect on recidivism.

We believe this is a factor in unsuccessful rehabilitation. CRJW promotes systemic change.

We promote a restorative justice agenda.

We work to advance principles of healing, right relationship(s) for the common good.


California has the largest prison system in the nation with 46 adult prisons/facilities that house over 165,000 men and women who leave approximately 200,000 children without one or both of their parents.

Our Mission

The Center for Restorative Justice Works unites children, families, and communities separated by crime and the criminal justice system. CRJW calls the community to set aside pre-judgments about women and men in prison in order to work together to accompany families torn apart by the crime and the criminal justice system; create awareness about the negative impacts of incarceration on children and families, and advocate for programs and policies that restore relationships.

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