Our Beliefs

We believe that people everywhere are mourning the loss of community and suffering from living in a fragmented state. Prisons mirror society and are reflecting this fragmentation.

We believe there is a critical need to mend, re-weave, re-connect the primary relationship between children and parents, families and loved ones, and communities in and out of prison. These relationships are being torn apart by crime and the criminal justice system creating barriers to successful rehabilitation and re-entry.

We believe that children and families of those in prison and the community at large are primary partners for rehabilitation and reunification. We believe the current criminal justice system must embrace these stakeholders as partners rather than intruders.

We believe that all change begins in simple conversation which is a powerful means to influence and change the world.

We believe that relationships are the primary means of building a movement for the common good. To that end, community accompaniment and companionship are critical to restore broken relationships and address the needs of children, families and community.

We believe it is a moral imperative to attend to the needs of children with a parent in prison.

We believe our work is to instill hope in the future through principles of restorative justice.