Camp Suzanne

Reuniting families with camp activities and extended visitation. The camp program is a combination of art and family support with a multidisciplinary approach. Professional artists create an environment of fun and educational activities aimed at building stronger relationships. Inspired mom-child teams develop art projects and discover new family bonds. Through simple conversations, while working on art projects, playing games, or making music, mothers experience rare moments of just being a Mom, listening to, and encouraging their children to dream.

For more information, please contact us at or (818)980-7714.

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Camp Suzanne unites children to heal relationships with their mothers in prison. This program provides a rare opportunity for the child of a mother in prison to create and reinforce sustainable family bonds, as well as to nurture the concept of being part of a family unit. It is a transformative and uplifting gift for a child: to give them the opportunity to heal and truly reconnect with their mothers for a longer, more intimate period of time.

What is Camp Suzanne?

Camp Suzanne is a meaningful week-long summer program for children to heal and reconnect with their incarcerated mothers by creating art together.

Our Approach

Utilizing a trauma-informed approach of art therapy and family support, professional artists facilitate fun and educational activities aimed at building stronger relationships.

What does the week look like?

During this week, children spend the mornings and afternoons with their mothers on prison grounds and the rest of the day at a campground with volunteer camp counselors. Our volunteers lead and participate in a variety of fun, traditional summer camp activities: swimming, hiking, campfires, games, and more!

Interested in volunteering?

For more information, please contact us at or (818)980-7714.