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Send a Father’s Day Video to your loved one!

Over ten years, Get On The Bus has taken children to visit their incarcerated Fathers for Father’s Day. This year, we are once again unable to fulfill the much-needed Father’s Day visit for children and their fathers. For this year’s Father’s Day, remind your loved one how much they mean to you and help them have a Father’s Day filled with much love!

Submit your Father’s Day message of love and support for your loved one. Videos will be shown at all CDCR institutions through Father’s Day weekend.

Video submissions are open from May 21 2021, through June 7, 2021 11:59PM.

Family Video Messages

Despite all the challenges, our ability to continue to support our communities and the fragile connections children have with their incarcerated parents continues to be our utmost priority. Children of incarcerated parents need support now more than ever. COVID-19 continues to turn the lives of families, especially those incarcerated, upside down. Children with parents who are incarcerated already suffer from a lack of resources and recognition, but even more so now.

While our buses are at a standstill this season, WE ARE NOT. We continue to find creative ways to connect our families.

YOU and your family can be a part of this wonderful project! Send positive messages to your loved ones. If your you or your family would like to participate, please follow the directions below:

What we’re asking from you:

  • Families: An encouraging video message under 25 seconds to your incarcerated loved one so they can see and hear directly from you! This can be from one person or an entire family. This can be just a child speaking to their parent, or grandparents speaking to their grandchildren who are incarcerated. Natural messages of love and hope spoken from the heart!

Sample Family Video


  • Make sure your device is oriented in LANDSCAPE mode (horizontally, not vertically) – this is VERY important!
  • Please keep your message content generic; use nicknames to refer to your loved one (i.e. mommy, daddy, honey, sweetie, baby, etc.) and don’t show any photographs of your family member who’s incarcerated.
  • When considering lighting, it’s always best to be facing the light source rather than have the light behind you. (Don’t stand directly in front of any windows or bright indoor light fixtures).
  • Incorporate signs so your loved one can see you/your family’s personalized message to him/her (especially if you’re uploading a photo).
  • The video must be appropriate for all audiences, all ages.
  • No offensive/vulgar materials or language.
  • We welcome videos in multiple languages, including sign language, as long as a translation of the message is provided as text with the video submission.