Stay Connected Postcard

Despite all the challenges, our ability to continue to support the fragile connections children and families have with their incarcerated loved ones continues to be our utmost priority.

While our buses are at a standstill this season due to COVID-19, WE ARE NOT. We continue to find creative ways to connect our families.

YOU and your family can be a part of this wonderful project at no cost to you! Send a personalized message to your loved one on the inside. If you or your family would like to participate, please follow the instructions below, complete your information, upload your picture, provide your message and we do the rest.

What we’re asking from you:

  • Picture: Individual or Family picture.
  • Personalized Message: Please include a personalized message to your incarcerated loved one! More than ever, our loved ones on the inside need messages of hope, inspiration, love, and courage.

Sampled Family Postcard


Postcard Specifications:

  • Make sure your device is oriented in LANDSCAPE mode (horizontally, not vertically) – this is VERY important!
  • A personalized message to your loved one.
  • Feel free to be creative.
  • Pictures must be appropriate for all audiences and all ages.
  • No offensive/vulgar materials or language.

Submit Your Picture

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